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JA NEIN | Necessary

Saturday 23/07/01 from 9P.M.CET DARK CULTURE with DJ Eisi Eisbrecher Live ON AIR

only on DARK ZERO RADIO visual at Mixcloud https://bit.ly/3uiAdFR



Earlier this year Frank Merkel passed away after a stroke.
He was active in the music business since the 80ies,
mostly organising concerts and tours. Through this he met a
lot of musicians, some of them became business partner,
some became friends.On his funeral one of these friends
had the idea to gather some bands that had a place in Franks
heart to pay tribute to him and to collect some money for charity.
Talks were held, mails were sent, tracks were collected
and here we are with the result:
a massive 30 tracks compilation with many (yet) unreleased
tracks or versions/mixes. According to the wish of his family all
proceeds will go to these organisations:

Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall Hilfe

British Heart Foundation

Those of you without paypal can contact us at tribute@e-c-d.de and we try to work out something (e.g. banktransfer).

Enjoy the music and raise a glass of your favourite drink to Frank!
Thanks to all participants who donated their time, work and art.


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